As an entrepreneur, you will have advantages to help you succeed. Unfortunately, there will also be disadvantages. As a woman taking on entrepreneurship, however, you may face challenges and develop strengths differing from what a man may experience during his entrepreneurial career.


This ebook covers a great variety of different topics related to being a woman entrepreneur. From the pros and cons to working with men to setting goals to succeed in this massive world as your own boss, there’s no shortage of great information. 


  • Female Entrepreneurs – Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Male versus Female Energy
  • Pros and Cons of Working for Men
  • Marketing as a Female Entrepreneur
  • What is Graceful Flow?
  • Male and Female Energy in the Workplace
  • Getting a Leg Up on Other Female Entrepreneurs
  • Finding a Good Balance as a Woman Entrepreneur
  • Setting Goals
  • Challenging Businesses for Women to Get Into

The Female Entrepreneur