The Hair and Beauty industries are multi-billion dollar ones. The need for more successful Black-Owned Hair Companies is very high. This market industry alone is worth Billions!!


I have learned through a lot of trial and error how to tap into this very lucrative industry and make 6 figures working PART-TIME from the comfort of my homes. After advising and coaching many small business owners,  I have condensed the basic start up knowledge retained into an efficient ebook for everyone to have access. This e-book is a detailed step-by-step to the Hair Industry when launching or rebranding. 


Topics covered:

  • Notion

  • Business Name / Brand Identity

  • Logo

  • Legalization

  • How To Obtain Business License

  • Vendor

  • Inventory

  • Website Development Options 

  • Email Marketing

  • Landing Pages

  • Social Media Marketing / Branding

  • Customer Relationship / Analytics

  • Advertisement / Ad Budget

  • Brand Ambassador / Influencers

  • Shipping Label / Shipping Process

  • Sales!


+Plus Bonus Hair, Packaging, and Web Designers Included!!

15 Steps To Opening Hair Company +Bonus Vendors Included