Frequently asked questions

What products will I have access to?

You will have access to All New Digital Books & Workbooks released each month. FREE of charge! Every month 5-8 products are scheduled to be released.

How will I gain access to the 3 available Ebook when starting membership?

You will gain access by simply emailing the following: 1. I have just purchased your Elite Mindset Membership, and I would like to be sent the following three ebooks. . . . (Those books will then be immediately sent to you)

How do I cancel membership?

You can cancel your membership at anytime from your membership login page.

How do I schedule my Power Coaching Session With Coach Jelena?

Each month on the 15th an email will be sent to you regarding booking times that are available for you to schedule with Coach Jelena. It is your responsibility to then followup with your available time slot. So, please check your emails!

How will I receive New products each month?

All New Released Ebooks and Workbooks will sent to all Elite members first before available public. All products will be sent through confirmation via email from

How much will I be saving by purchasing this membership?

WOW...You will be saving close $70 - $103 /Monthly with The Elite Mindset Membership!!!